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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is any of a number of software platforms that brings together business processes in a single software. Examples of such business processes include: customer relationship management (CRM), Accounting, HR, Inventory management, etc. It is an essential tool that helps businesses automate and simplify day-to-day operations and aids information sharing among departments within these businesses.

MDS ERP at a glance for every business



Extremely easy to use ERP Solution, covers a broad spectrum of businesses, from the smallest mom and pop store to a 5000 staff manufacturing concern.


Cloud Based

Access your business data from any location any time in a secure environment. Data backed up four times daily, we guarantee 99.9% system up time.


All In One

This is much more than book-keeping or accounting, this is complete business management. Accounting + HR + Admin + CRM in one easy to use package.

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Supported by a team of experienced Finance, IT and Business professionals, always ready to provide support, always eager to proffer advise.


Simple Pricing

One Annual price gives you all the modules and features. Multi Company module is free, no restriction on the number of customers, vendors, employees. Implementation/Deployment fee is based on the number of modules to be deployed, training and set up required. No Hidden charges for add-ons, all upgrades are free.


Easy To Use Portals

Invite your suppliers, vendors and advisors to collaborate with you on your business in real-time. Employees also have self service. Give each stakeholder access to just the areas they need.

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